Week #6

Currently, the world is green, but due to climate change in a few decades it might not be green! Even this year the days are a lot more hot. Lots of scientists are overwhelmed and trying to quickly find a solution before it is to late! It might even effect some species that are not […]

Week #5

There once was an architect with some crazy ideas. One day he woke up and thought, “ I want to set a new world record. But for what?” He decided that he was going to build the worlds largest pair of pink, fuzzy glasses. Ten days later, he was at the law office in Washington […]

Week #4

“I have never seen a river bed so dry” said 11 year old William. William has just moved from Colorado US to Texas Us. He was standing on the edge of what once was a mighty river. He had just moved into the house three hours ago and he already missed the old house. Sure […]

Week #3

Back in 1980 there was a psycho maniac who would blackmail people into giving him their teeth. For some reason he would take all of the teeth he got, and glue them all into a big ball. Yep he glued them into a ball. CRAZY huh? But it gets even weirder. He then, went to […]

Week #2

I sat in my room staring at my suitcase. My calendar read the eleventh of December. I had an itching feeling I was forgetting something. I reviewed my list of supplies for my family ski trip. “Aha!” I exclaimed! I was forgetting my skis! Two hours later I arrived at Monarch Ski Mountain. I jumped […]