Week #25

“But I didn’t mean to hit it that hard!” I told my mom. I stood next to the broken window with my baseball bat in my hand, and the baseball on the living room carpet. “I don’t care how hard you meant to hit it, all I care about is that there is a big hole in our window, in the middle of winter!” my mom told me. “I’m really sorry” I pleaded. “Please don’t ground me, my baseball game is tomorrow!” “I will decide your punishment later with your father, but for now, clean up all of this glass”

2 thoughts on “Week #25

  1. Hi Emile, I enjoyed reading your piece. One thing I loved about it was how you made the events for the narrator just get worse and worse, as it was the middle of winter when the window was broken, and that brought a sense of despair, which adds to the story. It reminds me of when I play baseball. One thing I would recommend in the future is to work on your capitalization and punctuation. In general, this was really good.

    Good story, Jack, Il.

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