Week #16

“It’s not like last year” he thought. It was Austin’s first Christmas in his new house. The Christmas tree was the same as last Christmas, the decorations were the same as last Christmas, but something was missing, it was the traditions that they had in the old house, and all of of the good Christmas memories. He missed them. A lot. They started to eat dinner and had many many many good laughs. He started to think that maybe they wouldn’t do the things they did at the old house, but they could do new things in the new house. 


2 thoughts on “Week #16

  1. What an uplifting story, Emile. You describe so well how Austin was feeling about spending a Christmas in a new house and what he was missing about Christmas in the old house. I really like the way you use short sentences for emphasis. That works really well. It makes your reader stop and think. The way you describe how the family start to enjoy Christmas in the new house is also very effective, especially as you say ‘they had many many good laughs’ and then it becomes clear why Austin changes his view on Christmas in the new house.

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